Hello world!

Welcome to AbiMeds.org! This website went live on 5th May, 2020, and it is intended as somewhere to hold the most up-to-date information about AbiMeds – the Abingdon community medicine delivery scheme.
We have been rolling out the service for the Abingdon-on-Thames (Oxfordshire, UK) pharmacies one pharmacy at a time so this is where you’ll be able to see which pharmacies are currently being supported and how to request your medications.

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  1. I cannot express my true gratitude to everyone at AbiMeds. They are real front line workers and I will be clapping for them every Thursday night. They are providing a vital service to hundreds of self isolating/shielding people in Abingdon and the surrounding area. They put themselves in danger for the sake of others less able. I have used the service a few times now but yesterday Boots sent me a text at 2:50 saying my prescription was in and a lady delivered it at 3:17!!!
    All I can say is a big sincere thank you, keep up the good work but above all stay safe. I cannot recommend them enough.


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