Our Service in 2021

Given the very high rates of infection since November 2020, but also the very-much-improved prescription delivery services from the pharmacies, we have decided that AbiMeds will be operating a limited, targeted service for the foreseeable future. If the Covid situation changes we will review this policy but, for now, we will provide a Monday-to-Friday phone advice service, advising on obtaining long-term delivery to anyone who calls in. We will also offer a limited prescription delivery service on Fridays but this will only be available to those in the government’s Clinically Extremely Vulnerable category. All of Abingdon’s pharmacies offer some form of delivery service now but we will provide a back-up for those in the CEV category if they have been unable to set up prescription delivery with their pharmacy.
Our phone number will be as before: 01865 818351, Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm.

Please note: For one-off prescription needs, Abingdon Community Response team will be providing general coverage through volunteers in your neighbourhood if you live in Abingdon. Please visit their website: http://www.abingdoncommunityresponse.org/find-support/