Shutting Up Shop

Today, Friday August 28th, is the last day of operations for the AbiMeds team. With more than 3,700 packages delivered by bicycle, demand is declining and some of our volunteers are returning to their “normal” activities, so it’s time to shut up shop.

Our phone line (01865 818351) will stay open a while longer to provide information to anyone still finding it hard to get their prescriptions, and in the next day or two we’ll put some guidance here on this website.

So one final thank you to all our 80+ volunteers – telephone answerers, hub team and cyclists; also to the Town Council for help with photocopying and the Friends of Abingdon Civic Society for use of the Community Freespace – our “Hub”.

Lets just hope we never need to do this again, but if we do, we know how to do it!

 PS, for a list of post-AbiMeds delivery options, see AbiMeds Alternatives

Winding down in August

Dear All,

Our first day of operations was the 8th of April, exactly four months ago, when we ran our “trial run” day and concluded that our AbiMeds prescription delivery scheme might just work. Now, more than 3,333 prescriptions later, I think we can confidently say that that not only did it work but it has actually been a big success!

However, as the Covid-19 epidemic has progressed, the demand for our services has clearly changed . At our busiest we hit 393 deliveries in one week, but last week’s requests were down to 32. The perceived risk of the virus has fallen, some restrictions have been eased and people are now out and about with a lot more confidence and collecting their own medicine.

But we do realise that this isn’t the case for all. I know for certain that some people are necessarily still staying at home and limiting exposure to public places and with good reason.

We’ve been keeping the situation under review, informing our “customers” when they phone that AbiMeds will most likely stop operating at the end of August and asking, when we do stop, will they be able to make alternative arrangements themselves or would they like us to help them find someone. When they’ve said that they’d like us to help, we’ve kept a note of details so that we can make contact when the time comes to discuss the situation.

We are still working out what the options are. We have no intention of leaving anyone in the lurch but AbiMeds will not be continuing in its current form beyond the end of this month. Until then, we will still be manning the phones six days a week and continuing making deliveries on Wednesdays and Fridays. And although we may be mothballed after this month, you can be certain that if the virus situation suddenly takes a turn for the worse, AbiMeds will be ready to get going again!