Welcome to AbiMeds.org

UPDATE 07/11/2020: Following the announcement of a second national lockdown, AbiMeds will be offering a limited, targeted service. Please see Our Service for Lockdown 2 for details.

UPDATE 28/8/2020: After more than four-and-a half months of operations and 3,700+ prescription deliveries, AbiMeds has fulfilled its purpose and, with so little demand now, has now stopped delivering. Please see Shutting Up Shop and, for a list of post-AbiMeds delivery options, see AbiMeds Alternatives.



We are a community-run medicines delivery service for Abingdon-On-Thames, set up to support anyone requiring prescriptions during the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak. That is anyone, not just those self-isolating or shielding.

We take your requests, group them by pharmacy, collect them, sort them by area, and then deliver them to you. And it costs you nothing! By doing this, we protect the key-worker pharmacists by reducing the number of people collecting from them, we protect you from others in the queues, and we save you having to make special journeys.